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3 Reasons You Should Never Call Yourself a Gentleman

You can never actually be a gentleman, it’s something you have to always strive for .

By Raja Ezra

I once met a guy who called himself a gentleman. That's like saying, "I’m full of class and you don't."

The term "gentleman” is a distinction, compliment that is earned and given to you, not something you boast to everyone. It's humbling, really, when someone refers to you as a gentleman. You can’t just be a gentleman, everyday you have to work on it and work on it. It’s one of the greatest things a man can say about another – ‘he’s a total gentleman'.

Now, some people said that the term "gentleman" is legitimate, and I agree with them there. My Dad pointed out that when people say they are a gentleman they are saying they blossomed in superior humane attributes; noblesse oblige, elegance, chivalrous, cultured, masculine and eventually through their words and deeds, are able to inspire others to strive to be one. That's worth some credit.

Here are three reasons why you should never call yourself a gentleman.

1. The title of "gentleman" is an honor to be earned

"gentleman" is a term other people use when referring to truly classy people. They shouldn't use it about themselves. When someone declares him- or herself to be a gentleman, it sounds self-centered and egotistical.

This is the same reason you can't call yourself a subject matter expert because declaring that you have mastered a topic makes you sound bragging. There is always subject domain expertise that needs to be explored on a subject.

2. Calling yourself a gentleman makes you unrelatable

Telling someone you're a gentleman is like telling people you're rich. It is unclassy. A gentleman don't have to tell people; their manners and their mindset speak louder than words. It's a nice thing for someone else to call you, but an obnoxious thing to call yourself.

3. "gentleman" is becoming an over-sensationalised term

Along with "gentleman," there are other nicknames that we need to just stop, such as men with class, classy gentlemen, dapper gentleman and the like.

Calling yourself a gentleman on the social medias is also being hyped. Did you really became the best of yourself, or the need to show that you are classy to everyone?

The whole point is that if you have high self-awareness & personal goals, then let other people call you these nice things. Focus instead on being the best version of yourself, such as developing your elegance manner, helping the helpless, achieving your net worth goals, consistently keep your intellect and body fit, and creating an institutional leadership with a potential legacy to the community.

That's what will potentially make you be the best version of yourself.

The opinions expressed here by gentlemanscodes.com columnists are their own, not those of gentlemanscodes.com.

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