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10 Ways To Spot a Nouveau Riche Man

Nouveau riche shouts, but elegance whispers.

By Tunku Sophia

Picture: Dubai Bling (Credit: Netflix)

The Nouveau Riche are characterized as rude and tasteless and frequently contrasted with the refined manners of elite Old-Money characters.

While the refined, public-schooled tones of the elites are synonymous with old money and generations of entitlement, the rougher, less-polished speech of those whose fortunes were more recently made betray the speaker as someone for whom prosperity is an awkward mantle, someone still transitioning from a have-not to a most-definitely-have.

Here are the 10 signs to spot one.

  1. Flashy Designer Logos

    The first rule of a true elite? Avoid tacky logos. Even if your clothes are designer, the more understated, the better.

  2. Name-Dropping

    Obnoxious name-dropping? Constantly bragging about your connection with certain politicians or celebrities? Please have class.


  3. Looking Too Expensive

    Flashy watch, Lamborghinis, of champagne? Are you the Tinder Swindler


  4. Being Part of the Jetsetter

    Being part of the jet-set circuit and travelling to all the hotspots is very Nouveau Riche. Think Dubai, a city without heritage. You just need to be aware that if you are looking for stereotypical new money, that's where you're going to find it.

    If you're more interested in the mindset of the true elites, then most often you will travel to destinations with glorious past, like Athens or Istanbul (where JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy went for their honeymoon).


  5. Ditch Trends

    You might want to consider ditching trends, from clothing to fancy new restaurant to home décor. Sure, you might be able to afford a whole new wardrobe every season, but the real elite mindset tend to purchase high quality items that are timeless elegance.

Picture: Davide Cesaro

  1. Taking Photo with Status Symbols

    To inflate themselves, Nouveau Riche loves taking a bunch of pictures with all kinds of different status symbols. For example, taking pictures with your watch, or taking pictures of your luxury vehicle when you are in it. You can really see how much money you've spent and how excessive it all was.


  2. Idolised Rags-to-Riches

    Fanatical on celebrities (which are mostly uneducated) or self-made crypto millionaires? This is another obvious sign of Nouveau Riche. Instead, please idolize your parents who have raised you to the best of their abilities for you to become who you are today.


  3. Zero Interest in High Culture

    Knowing where the hottest DJs spin in Kuala Lumpur or Ibiza does not a sophisticate make. Instead, level up on your art and culture knowledge and be prepared to discuss more polished topics with a polite friends.


  4. The Need To Brag on Social Media

    "I've made millions by buying 20 properties at the age of 25 and here is how you can do the same" Does this sounds familiar to you? Unless you're trying to become an influencer, keep most details of your life private and stay low-key on Instagram. Life will humble you sooner or later.


  5. Zero Interest in Pursuing Advanced Education or Academic Credentials

    A person of true class seeks continuous improvements on their intellect and manners. Nouveau Riche seeks way to increase their social media followers. Which is your chosen path? You decide.

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