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We tried Crowne Plaza KLCC new French culinary 'Le Midi'

When one of the word's largest upscale hotels unveiled a new French dining experience, how's it gonna taste?

By Aidil Harith

French cuisine's reputation remains one of the most respected worldwide, renowned for its focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, meticulous technique, and an emphasis on presentation. From delicate pastries to rich sauces, French chefs have mastered the art of transforming simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces. So when Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur City Centre unveiled 'Le Midi', our keen anticipation is justified.

Soaring to new heights of culinary artistry, Le Midi offers an elegant dining option for guests to indulge in, from the beautiful setting of Parisian chic atmosphere to an alluring outdoor terrace boasting stunning views of the city skyline. Located on Level 32 of Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Le Midi invited us to embark on a classic French culinary adventure while enjoying mocktails for the ultimate sophisticated sky dining experience.

Warm lights are used to create an ambience that is both relaxed and mellow but also intimate.

The Ambience

The ambience of fine dining is extremely prominent in creating a wonderful and memorable fine dining experience. Le Midi is no exception as it exudes a sense of calmness and class. Warm lights are used to create an ambience that is both relaxed and mellow but also intimate. Classic color palettes are predominantly used in Le Midi’s interior that forms an elegant backdrop.

I couldn’t help but notice that Le Midi has put a lot of attention with its design as I was allured by its classic interior that is steeped in tradition thus creating a space that stand the test of time. Space is vast as patrons can opt for handcrafted cocktails by the bar, feast under the stars of the open air terrace overlooking the illustrious city skylines or indulge in traditional French specialties at the brasserie.

(1) Escargot Ala Provencale served in a classic cast iron dish

(2) Escargot Ala Provencale and Artisan Chateuteries & Fromage

(3) The crab tagliatelle

(4) The Les Bouef grilled australian black angus sirloin that comes with bearnaise sauce and pomme frites

(5) The Warm banana tart.


The Food

Le Midi curates a menu that is deeply rooted in traditional Parisian flavors and classic dishes from every corner of France which includes Escargot Ala Provencale, Chicken Albufeira, Homard Thermidor and Tournedos Rossini to name a few.

I went for the chef’s recommendations of which my appetizers were the Escargot Ala Provencale and Artisan Charcuteries & Fromage. The escargot is served in a classic cast iron dish, smothered in garlic butter and herbs. This French delicacy was simply a delicious mixture that complements the morsels of charcoal flesh – a testament as to why the Romans considered these high protein seashells a delicacy and a symbol of high status.

The exquisite Artisan Charcuteries & Fromage Blanc which is served with air dry beef, homemade pickle and duck rillette was interesting albeit unusual starter, which was also no less impressive. It was the highlight of the menu as it was carefully curated with a selection of premium ingredients. The sliced duck rilette was air dried and rich in flavour was made from the finest beef while the pave cobble cheese paired perfectly with the charcuterie. The fromage blanc which is a creamy soft cheese that is made with skimmed milk was creamy and had a viscous paste.

The main courses presented to me were the Crab Tagliatelle and Les Bouef. While the appetizers were the highlights, the main courses could have been excellent. The crab tagliatelle had an overly zesty taste which could have been balanced with more cloves of garlic packs and sprinkles of herbs to taste. The tagliatelle could have been cooked al dente to allow some tenderness on the inside.

The Les Bouef consists of grilled australian black angus sirloin that comes with bearnaise sauce and pomme frites (French Fries). The Angus sirloin need more strong rich distinctive lovely beefiness to feel unforgettable on the palate. I personally thought that the meat was cut thick which resulted in it to be undercooked than my requested doneness. The pomme frites on the other hand tastes like bliss as it had a crispy crust with a light fluffy interior. In short, the pomme frites were simply excellent.

The desserts brought an eureka moment as the Warm banana tart was truly amazing with a layer of raspberry ganache on the inside . Every mouthful was rich, silky and indulgent yet light and dreamy. The crust that holds the raspberry ganache together was flaky and crispy. It was the ultimate banana tart that is full of flavor with no artificial ingredients. The coconut ice cream that came with the tart was dense that it trickles a luscious aftertaste.

The writer enjoying a stunning view of the city skylines.


Stepping into Le Midi is like stepping into a Parisian dream. Elegant and chic, the ambiance is perfectly complemented by breathtaking city skyline views, making it a truly sophisticated dining destination. While the appetizers and desserts are the clear stars of the show, with their delightful and unique presentations, the main courses hold the potential to be just as impressive.

With a few refinements to dishes like the Crab Tagliatelle, which could benefit from a more balanced flavor profile, and Les Bouef, where the cut of meat could showcase its full beefy potential, Le Midi could truly soar to new heights. Their dedication to Parisian culinary artistry shines through, and with some minor adjustments, they have the potential to become a Kuala Lumpur staple for unforgettable fine dining experiences.

Le Midi opens Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm to 10:30pm (for Dinner) and 3pm to 12:00am (for Bar and Terrace) and is located at Level 32, Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Reservations for Le Midi can be made here.

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