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The Top 10 Medieval Movies & Shows on Netflix

If you are a history buff looking to dive into the worlds of some of your favorite infamous royal families, look no further.

By Culture Editor in collaboration with Izzudrecoba Streaming Store

Netflix is home to some of the best Medieval movies and shows currently on the market, so there is much to explore. If you are a history nerd looking to dive into the worlds of some of your favorite infamous royal families, then Medici, The Borgias, and The Tudors are perfect for you. Or if you are in the mood to get caught up in an action-packed tale filled with sword fights and heroes, then be sure to check out The Last Kingdom or Knightfall

  1. The Last Kingdom

RT Score: 91%

The Last Kingdom is the dramatic Netflix hit series about the formation of England during the middle ages. Based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, this historical fiction saga combines the real-life grip that a true story holds alongside the intensity and drama that one would find in a fantasy series like Game of Thrones. But this is GoT in real life, so one could argue it is that much better! And to top it all off, Season 4 of The Last Kingdom just came out on Netflix, so binge and enjoy!

Picture = Netflix

  1. Reign

RT Score: 86%

She was once a martyr, a figurehead, an enemy; but in the CW series Reign, Mary Queen of Scots is a victim of falling in love. Reign is the historical fiction drama series about the life of the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots from her beginnings in Valois France to her turbulent time and end in Scotland. But this series is far from simple, as stories of love, lust, family, duty and a bit of sorcery take Reign from another historical fiction series to a drama worth getting sucked into.

Picture: The CW

  1. The Borgias

RT Score: 85%

The best historical dramas are about the most infamous Rennaissance-era families, so of course The Borgias exists in the entertainment world. The Borgias is about the Borgias, the Spanish-Italian family that became the head of the Roman Catholic Church. And set during a time where the church was filled with notable corruption, greed and sexual promiscuity, The Borgias take advantage of the pure power plays and deceit to deliver an entertaining show.

  1. Merlin

RT Score: 85%

When you think Medieval times, you think of dragon battles, magic spells and damsels in distress. Essentially, you think of the stories of Camelot, which is what the television series Merlin is all about. Colin Morgan (Humans) stars as young Merlin: a young wizard new to Camelot, a kingdom ruled by a tyrant and devoid of all magic.

Picture: Netflix

  1. The King

RT Score: 72%

Ah, the film we have been waiting for all season is finally here. The King, starring Timothee Chalamet and Robert Pattinson, is a period drama about an obstinate young prince who — very abruptly — ascends to the English throne. Derived from William Shakespeare’s “Henriad” series, The King follows young King Henri as he must fill his deceased father’s shoes while fighting to keep his place in a world full of war, deceit and obstacles at every turn. 

Picture: Netflix

  1. The Tudors

RT Score: 69%

Perhaps one of the most dramatic families that existed during the Middle Ages were the Tudors, the English family who held the throne from Henry VII to Elizabeth I. In real life, King Henry VIII was a one-man drama series of his own, but the best way to relish in the scandal and controversy that surrounded the indulgent king is to watch it all unfold in one fantastic series, The Tudors. The series covers Henry and his many, many wives (divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived!) and his separation from the Roman Catholic Church and many more scandalous political decisions that occurred during this era of English turmoil. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill and Natalie Dormer, The Tudors is an epic series that covers some pretty epic history.

Picture: Netflix

  1. Marco Polo

RT Score 67%

Marco Polo is the decadent Netflix-original series about Marco Polo and the court of the Mongolian emperor, Kublai Kahn. Through the eyes of Marco Polo, a young Italian merchant, we came to know the world of the Mongols, and the series centered around Polo and Kublai’s strange relationship. An action-packed, soap-opera-type series, Marco Polo left us all too soon, but be sure to catch the first two seasons in its full epic glory now!
Picture: Netflix

  1. Outlaw King

RT Score: 62%

Chris Pine stars in Outlaw King, a period piece about the unknown but true story of Scotland’s Robert the Bruce: a nobleman, an outlaw and a hero to medieval Scotland. During the oppressive occupation of medieval Scotland by Edward I, Robert the Bruce bravely rallied troops to seize back the Scottish crown against the tyrant and his dangerous son and heir. Also starring Florence Pugh, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Tony Curran, director David Mackenzie’s Outlaw King is available to stream on Netflix now.

Picture: Netflix

  1. Knightfall

RT Score: 60%

Knightfall is the gritty historical series about the demise of the infamous Knights Templar. During Medieval times, the Knights Templar was a prominent Catholic military order in Western Europe. However, at the start of the 14th century, the organization fell away due to persecution, torture and eventual mass killing in 1307. Knightfall captures in fine detail the true story behind the fall of these knights, and fans of more accurate historical fiction pieces will definitely enjoy it.

Picture: Netflix

  1. Medici

RT Score: 50%

One of the largest, richest and most notorious families alive during Medieval times was the Medicis, a prominent Italian banking family who had their hands in every aspect of Europe, Roman Catholicism and the world. So, it is entirely necessary that they have their own series to honor them, Medici. This drama series follows the power-hungry Medici family and their patriarch, Cosimo, as they spread their influence throughout the Italian Renaissance. From masterful killings and family exile to medical miracles and surprising coups, Medici is so drama-filled you’ll have to pinch yourself to remember that such a family truly existed!

Photos: Everett Collection

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