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The Best New Movies / Shows on Netflix in May 2023

Whether you’re looking for something intense, informative, or funny, Netflix has got you covered this month.

By Culture Editor

This May, Netflix is flourishing with tons of marvelous titles on their list of new content coming all month long.

While it’s sad to say goodbye to the titles leaving Netflix, you won’t be feeling down for long once you get a glimpse at the impressive array of Netflix Original series coming to the platform.

With everything from brand new titles to long-awaited continuations of fan favorites, Netflix’s diverse and delightful May 2023 premieres are sure to have something for everyone.

So, which of them have what it takes to be in the Netflix Top 10? Keep reading to treat yourself to the greatness that is the list of streaming for May 2023.

  1. The Tailor (Released May 2)

The Tailor is an engaging thriller series that follows an impeccably-dressed tailor whose life takes a shocking twist when he begins sewing his best friend’s fiancée’s wedding dress. What will happen when all their dark secrets are revealed? The Turkish drama stars Çağatay Ulusoy, Salih Bademci and Şifanur Gül in prominent roles.

Picture: Netflix

  1. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Released May 4) *Netflix Series

One of the most highly-anticipated streaming releases of the year is hitting Netflix early this month in the form of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

The historical drama limited series out of Shonda Rhimes is a prequel to her wildly successful Netflix Original TV show Bridgerton and follows supporting character Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel). See a young Charlotte (India Amarteifio) take center stage as we witness her rise to prominence and power. Be sure to catch Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story as soon as it drops in May, only on Netflix.

  1. Queen Cleopatra (Released May 10)

Executive produced and narrated by Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of popular actor Will Smith, ‘Queen Cleopatra’ is a four-episode docudrama based on the figure and life of the reign of Cleopatra of Egypt of the Ptolemaic lineage from Macedonia, Greece, that ruled for 21 years, between the years 51 BC and 30 BC, ending with her suicide.

According to the platform itself, she was “a powerful and misunderstood woman in the world”, whose “daring beauty” and her romances “came to eclipse her true asset: her intellect”.

Photo: Netflix

  1. Royalteen: Princess Margrethe (Released May 11) *Netflix Film

Royalteen: Princess Margrethe is a Norwegian romantic-drama film that begins with Norwegian royal, Princess Margrethe (Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne) dealing with the fallout from her recent prom scandal. And if that wasn’t stressful enough, she is also surprised with a sudden visit from the Danish royal family, putting her face-to-dace with handsome Danish prince, Kalle (Mathias Storhøi), with whom she has been chatting for the past several months.

Between family, romantic, and personal drama, Princess Margrethe has a lot on her plate, making for a wholly engrossing viewing experience you won’t want you miss.

  1. The Mother (Released May 12) *Netflix Film

The Mother is a Netflix Original action-thriller film that centers on a deadly assassin (Jennifer Lopez) as she comes out of hiding to protect the daughter (Lucy Paez) she’d given up years ago from the dangerous assailants chasing after them.

Be sure to catch all of their fantastic, heart-pounding work in The Mother as soon as it premieres this month.

  1. McGregor Forever (Released May 17)

Sports fans should be sure to tune into this brand new Netflix docuseries that follows Irish professional mixed martial artist Conor McGregor over the course of the most important year of his career yet.

McGregor Forever offers an exclusive, all-access look at this polarizing world-famous athlete not only through three fights and an attempt to reach the top of the UFC, but also into his past and how his life experiences have gotten him to where he is now. See Conor McGregor as you never have before in McGregor Forever, only on Netflix.

  1. Faithfully Yours (Released May 17)

Get your heart pounding with this Dutch thriller film about two best friends, Bodil (Bracha van Doesburgh) and Isabel (Elise Schaap), who enable each other to live risky and potentially destructive double lives. While both women appear happily married to their respective spouses, they still sneak away from their families to engages in illicit, secret affairs while using each other as alibis.

Photo: Netflix

  1. XO, Kitty (Released May 18) *Netflix Series

XO, Kitty follows the youngest member of the Covey family, Katherine, AKA Kitty (Anna Cathcart), on her own coming-of-age journey to explore life and love as she travels to South Korea to reconnect with her long-distance boyfriend (Choi Min-young). But in her travels, Kitty comes to learn that she isn’t the romance expert she’d long figured herself to be, and that when your own heart is at risk, relationships can become more complex and scary than she’d ever imagined.

Follow Kitty Covey’s spectacular and entertaining story in XO, Kitty on Netflix this month.

  1. FUBAR (Released May 25)

If you’re looking for some gripping action this May, be sure to check out FUBAR, a Netflix Original series that premiered on the platform later this month. The spy-adventure comedy-drama begins with CIA operative Luke Brunner (Schwarzenegger) as he is on the brink of retirement.

But when he discovers a family secret that brings him back into the field, he’s forced to confront that both he and his daughter Emma (Barbaro) have been lying to each other about their respective CIA Operative jobs for years, and that they truly barely know one another at all.

  1. Blood & Gold (Released May 26)

It’s Spring, 1945, the final days of World War II as we delve into the intertwining stories of German deserter Heinrich (Robert Maaser) and young, courageous farmer Elsa (Marie Hacke). As Heinrich is on his way home from war to reunite with his daughter, he accidentally finds himself in the clutches of a marauding SS troop and their brutal leader (Alexander Scheer).

But just before he can die at their hands, Heinrich is saved by Elsa, leading them to eventually team up as they’re unwillingly dragged into a bloody and thrilling hunt for a hidden golden Jewish treasure in order to to prevent the SS from wrenching it from the local villagers who are also fighting for it. See it all go down in German action comedy-drama Blood & Gold towards the end of May.

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