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The Best New Movies / Shows on Netflix in April 2023

Whether you’re looking for something intense, informative, or funny, Netflix has got you covered this month.

By Culture Editor

Netflix is serving up freshest content all April long, so get ready to check out the best movies and shows streaming now. Keep reading for the streamer’s best new contents coming this month.

  1. Weathering (Released April 1)

Weathering is a brand new thriller film on Netflix that follows a journalist whose life and sanity begin to completely unravel after she loses her baby, and nearly her own life, while in labor. Now as she is home alone grieving what she lost and what could have been, she finds herself plagued by disturbing visions and frightening attacks from within her own mind.

Picture: Netflix

  1. Beef (Released April 6) *Netflix Series

One major new streaming release that should be on your radar for April viewing is Beef, a Netflix Original comedy-drama about an incident of road rage that gradually completely consumes and unravels the lives of the two people involved, failing contractor Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and unfulfilled entrepreneur Amy Lau (Ali Wong).

  1. Transatlantic (Released April 7) *Netflix Series

Based on Julie Orringer’s 2019 novel The Flight Portfolio, this brand new Netflix Original history drama mini-series follows two Americans and their allies as they form a scrappy rescue operation in 1940 Marseilles to help artists, writers and other refugees fleeing Europe during WWII.

This new title is sure to provide a high-stakes adventure from beginning to end, so make sure to catch it when it hits Netflix early in April.

  1. Obsession (Released April 13)

Adapted from Josephine Hart’s 1991 novel Damage, this romantic mystery mini-series follows a risky and taboo love triangle that emerges when enigmatic Anna Barton (Murphy) begins a sultry and intense affair with her fiancé’s father, William (Armitage).

But while Anna attempts to keep both relationships alive, William spirals deeply into an obsessive desire for Anna, potentially putting both the relationship and life of his own son at immense risk.

Photo: Netflix

  1. Florida Man (Released April 13)

Seemingly based on the popular, viral headline trend, Florida Man looks considerably better than its meme-y namesake. Swirling a swampy noir-ish story into an action thriller, the seven-parter sees Édgar Ramírez’s ex-cop, Mike Valentine, forced to return to his home state of Florida to track down a mobster’s girlfriend. Produced by the team behind Ozark, it might just be the hit of the month.

  1. Seven Kings Must Die (Released April 14)

Acting as a sequel to the The Last Kingdom television series, Seven Kings Must Die is a brand new Netflix original historical drama film that is set to bring the sweeping story to its final conclusion. Alexander Dreymon returns as Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg, ruler of Northumbria, who has yet to pledge his land to the English throne despite its new era of tentative peace and relative unity. But with the death of King Edward, that peace is threatened as the late ruler’s potential heirs, Aethelstan and Aelfweard, battle for the crowing. What will it cost to created a truly united kingdom? Find out in Seven Kings Must Die.

Photo: Netflix

  1. A Tourist’s Guide to Love (Released April 21) *Netflix Movie

This Netflix Original romantic-comedy revolves around travel executive Amanda Riley (Rachael Leigh Cook) who, hot on the heels of an unexpected breakup, decides to take on an assignment in Vietnam undercover to learn the ins and outs of their tourist industry. Along the way, she meets free-spirited tour guide Sinh Thach (Scott Ly), who takes her on an amazing adventure to explore life and love off the beaten path.

  1. The Diplomat (Released April 20)

Netflix’s The Diplomat stars The Americans’ Keri Russell as the titular, newly appointed ambassador, who must juggle her new job with her turbulent marriage to a rising political star, played by Rufus Sewell. Created by Debora Cahn (she of The West Wing and Homeland), expect great, weighty things.

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