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Timeless and Prestigious Names for Boys and Girls

Choosing an old money name for your child not only honors a storied heritage but also sets a tone of elegance and distinction. Here, we explore some timeless names associated with old money families and provide their Malay counterparts, perfect for those who wish to blend cultural heritage with an aura of sophistication.

By Tunku Sophia

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Prof. Robert Langdon: But your name was never Sauniere. It's Saint-Clair. It's one of the oldest families in France. It's from a line of the Merovingian kings.

Sophie: Sangreal?

Prof. Robert Langdon: Royal blood. Sophie, you are the secret. According to all of this, Princess Sophie, you are the heir, the end of the bloodline.

(Da Vinci Code)

Prof. Robert Langdon & Sophie Saint-Clair (Da Vinci Code)


Growing up with the name Tunku Sophia has been both an honor and a responsibility. As a bearer of the noble title “Tunku,” a name deeply rooted in Malay royalty, I have always felt a profound connection to my heritage and the weight of the legacy it carries. This name is not just a designation but a call to uphold the values, dignity, and grace associated with my ancestors.

A name may belong to one individual, but it can also unlock the history and legacy of numerous generations. Old money names carry an aura of aristocracy and sophistication, having stood the test of time and thriving as symbols of prosperity. These names are considered old money due to their rich meanings and fascinating histories. They continue to attract parents with their timeless appeal. If you are searching for a name with rustic charm or one that exudes opulence, our curated list offers names that will meet your expectations. Here is a collection of glamorous old money names for boys and girls to consider for your precious little one.

Classic Old Money Names for Boys

Choosing a name for a boy that conveys strength, honor, and a touch of aristocratic flair is a timeless tradition. Here are some classic choices that have adorned the annals of history and continue to exude an air of distinction:

  1. Alexander - Exuding a strong and regal vibe, Alexander means ‘defender of the people.’ Its association with a Greek hero adds to its allure.

  2. Arthur – A name of noble lineage, Arthur conjures images of legendary kings and knights, embodying strength and chivalry.

  3. Astor - Derived from German and French roots, Aster means ‘hawk.’ The name is associated with the Astor family who gained tremendous fame and fortune in American politics and business through the 19th and 20th centuries.

  4. Augustus - The Latin name Augustus means ‘the illustrious one’. It may be a dated title but is still considered relevant amongst the rich class as it is associated with great power and fortune. Augustus is the name of the first emperor of Rome and the founder of the Roman Empire.

  5. Brooks - The English name Brooks means ‘stream.’ The name is loved by old-money families for its peaceful and tranquil quality.

  6. Byron - Byron is an Old English surname that means ‘barn.’ Bearing a rustic and earthy charm, Byron has been in use for several decades, especially amongst the rich class.

  7. Edward – Regal and enduring, Edward has been a favored name among royalty, denoting wealth and power.

  8. Henry – With a rich history among European royalty, Henry is synonymous with leadership and valor.

  9. Fitzgerald - Fitzgerald is relatively more popular as an Irish surname meaning ‘son of Gerald. However, in some cultures it is also used as a given name. It implies a long family line, which makes it a preferred choice for old money families.

  10. Frederick – This name, meaning "peaceful ruler," reflects a legacy of benevolent leadership and sophistication.

  11. Henry - Yet another Germanic name, Henry means ‘home ruler.’ Carrying a sense of heritage and lineage, Henry has been a preferred royal title for over several centuries as numerous Kings across Europe have borne this name.

  12. Maximilian - Maximilian comes from Maximus, which means ‘the greatest.’ Associated with numerous Roman kings, the name exudes a royal and noble vibe the rich look for in a name for their sons.

  13. Oliver - Oliver could be rooted in Old French and Medieval English. As evident from its spelling, it means ‘olive tree planter’ or ‘olive branch bearer.’ Its elegant and sophisticated sound makes it popular with rich families.

  14. Royce - An English name, Royce means ‘of a renowned king.’ Since the name is associated with power and authority, it is a preferred title for old-money families.

  15. Spencer - Rooted in English and French languages, Spencer means ‘dispenser of goods or provisions.’ Its aristocratic sound is what makes it alluring to the rich.

  16. Theodore – A timeless name that exudes wisdom and grace, Theodore is both classic and enduring.

  17. Vincenzo - Vincenzo is a traditional Italian name of Latin origin that means ‘to win’ or ‘to conquer.’ The name is connected to royalty through the 16th Century ruler of the Duchy of Mantua and the Duchy of Montferrat, Vincenzo I Gonzaga.

  18. Winston - The Old English name Winston means ‘joyful stone.’ A cheerful name that is also an old surname carrying a rich history of its own making it a cherished name for old-money families.


Elegant Old Money Names for Girls

For girls, names that evoke beauty, grace, and a sense of timeless elegance are perfect choices. These names have adorned many a grand estate and echo through the halls of history:

  1. Alexandra - The Greek name Alexandra is the female variant of Alexander, which means ‘defender of man.’ This timeless name is a symbol of strength and grace. It is considered classy because of its connection to the ancient Greek King, Alexander the Great.

  2. Agnes - Coming from the picturesque land of Greece, Agnes means ‘pure’ or ‘chaste.’ Its simplicity and grace are what may have appealed to well-established families.

  3. Beatrice – Elegant and sophisticated, Beatrice has a timeless charm that reflects old-world refinement.

  4. Caroline - Perfect for the strong woman, Caroline means ‘free and independent woman.’ Associated with the royal name Charles, Caroline exudes elegance and charm.

  5. Charlotte – A name of royal heritage, Charlotte exudes elegance and poise, perfect for a lady of refined taste.

  6. Diana - Having Latin and Greek origins, Diana means ‘divine.’ Associated with the Roman goddess of the hunt and moon, the name continues to be liked by parents everywhere. Also, linked to Lady Diana gives the name a royal vibe.

  7. Elisa - Elisa is connected to the biblical name Elizabeth and it means ‘my God is an oath.’ Having Phoenician roots the name is a variant of Elissa, which was borne by the first queen of Carthage.

  8. Eleanor – With a history of noble bearers, Eleanor is both classic and strong, symbolizing grace and intelligence.

  9. Irene - Irene is a Greek name that means ‘peace.’ Its association with tranquility and harmony makes it an alluring name. It is also linked to people bearing a privileged and affluent lifestyle.

  10. Iris - The Greek name Iris refers to a ‘rainbow.’ This elegant name holds a sophisticated and refined vibe as it is associated with the Greek Goddess of Rainbow who was the daughter of two Greek gods.

  11. Isabella - With Spanish and Italian roots, Isabella is inspired by the English name Elizabeth. Meaning ‘God is my oath,’ the name bears a divine grace and regal elegance.

  12. Kennedy - Kennedy has Gaelic roots and it means ‘armored head.’ The name is loved for its strong meaning and distinguished sound. It is suitable for a person of noble ancestry and high-born status.

  13. Marion - Marion means ‘wished for a child.’ A symbol of strength and resilience this name has been a preferred choice for its regal and distinguished sound.

  14. Miranda - The Latin name Miranda means ‘worthy of admiration.’ This romantic and elegant name would be preferred by fans of Shakespeare or noble lineages.

  15. Nina - Nina is a name that has remained stylish and sophisticated over the years. Its simplicity and elegance make it a favored choice among families that value tradition and understated luxury.

  16. Victoria – Synonymous with grandeur and regality, Victoria is a name that commands respect and admiration.

  17. Margaret – A name that has graced queens and saints, Margaret embodies dignity and strength.

  18. Sophie - Meaning ‘wisdom,’ Sophie is a Greek name that has been in use for over centuries. It could also be indicative of a wealthy family that values education and intellectual pursuits.

  19. Zoe - The Greek name Zoe means ‘life.’ It is a royal name as it has been borne by numerous princesses and empresses across different countries including the Byzantine empress Zoe Karbonopsina.


Old Money Names in Malay Heritage

In the context of Malay culture, certain names have long been associated with nobility and traditional prestige. These names carry a sense of historical importance and are often linked to royal lineage:

  1. Tengku / Tunku* – A title and name often associated with Malay royalty, Tengku denotes noble birth and high status.

  2. Raja* – Meaning "king" or "monarch," Raja is a prestigious name that reflects power, leadership and honor.

  3. Puteri – Translating to "princess," Puteri is a name that conveys elegance and regal heritage.

  4. Megat - A title used by Malay nobility, particularly in descent from a ruling family. It implies lineage and heritage.

  5. Syed – A name indicating noble lineage, often associated with descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, Syed signifies respect and distinction.

  6. Sharifah – The feminine counterpart to Syed, Sharifah is a name that embodies grace and noble heritage.

  7. Amani – Signifying "wishes" or "aspirations," it carries a sense of hope and elegance.

  8. Amin – Meaning "trustworthy" or "faithful," it reflects integrity and respect.

  9. Bon - The surname "Bond" has its roots in Old English. This name retained connotations of someone tied to land or property, in another word, landed gentry. In a broader cultural context, the name is associated with the fictional British spy, James Bond, a suave and sophisticated secret agent known for his macho, heroism, and action-packed adventures.

  10. Drina - Derived from Sanskrit, Drina means "strong" or "firm," suggesting a person of character and stature.

  11. Indera - This name refers to the god king of heaven in Hinduism, used to denote majesty and power.

  12. Iskandar - Many monarchs, especially in Southeast Asia, saw themselves as successors to King of Macedonia Alexander The Great's greatness. This association with powerful rulers cemented the name's royal connection. Therefore, Iskandar is a name steeped in royalty and evokes the image of a powerful leader, much like Alexander the Great.

  13. Leena - An Arabic name meaning "gentle" or "soft," it suggests a kind and elegant nature.

  14. Marissa - Of Latin origin and meaning "of the sea," it has a sophisticated and classic feel.

  15. Nadira – Meaning "precious" or "rare," it denotes uniqueness and value.

  16. Shahriman – A name that evokes the qualities of a noble and charismatic leader.

  17. Seri - Meaning "light" or "radiant" in Malay, Seri is a beautiful name that implies grace and elegance.

  18. Sofia - Derived from the Greek word for "wisdom," Sophia has been a favored name among European aristocracy and royalty for centuries. This name's popularity among the noble class can be attributed to its connotations of intelligence, refinement, and inner beauty.

  19. Zafira - Exuding confidence and strength, Zafira is a name fit for someone who achieves great things.

     * names are inherited by members of the royal family / royal descendant.

A Gentleman's Choice

Selecting a name is a significant decision that reflects not only personal taste but also a respect for tradition and heritage. For those who adhere to the gentleman's code, these names offer a connection to a storied past and a promise of future distinction. These names, chosen with care and steeped in history, serve as a constant reminder of the standards we are expected to uphold.

For me, Tunku is a daily reminder to carry myself with the highest standards of manners, to act with integrity, and to reflect the grace and poise that such a noble name demands.

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