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OPPO invites Malaysians to celebrate our rich cultural heritage through the art of mobile imaging technology

OPPO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MOTAC) and the Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO (MNCU), is launching a campaign to celebrate Malaysia's rich cultural heritage using mobile imaging and AI technology.

By Culture Editor

Photo: Amelia Henderson admiring a Wayang Kulit in the making (courtesy of OPPO)


In recognizing Malaysia's rich cultural heritage, OPPO has announced its mission to celebrate local culture through innovative imaging and AI technology. This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC) and the Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO (MNCU).

OPPO’s commitment to "Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World" drives its #OPPOMalaysiaThroughTheLens campaign, part of this year's imagine IF photography awards. The campaign aims to empower people to capture and preserve Malaysia's fading cultures and traditions, fostering a harmonious and empathetic society.

Monica Chin, OPPO Malaysia's Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the importance of culture in connecting our past to our future. She highlighted how technology and AI can help the younger generation enjoy and interpret heritage.

(1) Master Puppeteer, Pak Dain
(2) 8 year-old Dion Das Louis in his traditional outfit performing the Ngajat Dance
(3) The art form of Magagung demonstarted by a group of young Kadazan men

The campaign features five Malaysian cultural art forms through the lens of the new OPPO Reno Series. It includes a short documentary on Wayang Kulit with master puppeteer Pak Dain and artist Tin Toy, showcasing their efforts to preserve this traditional art form.

Other featured art forms include the Ngajat dance, Magagung, Dondang Sayang, and Chinese Opera, each presented through a series of short documentaries. These efforts aim to preserve and celebrate Malaysia’s diverse cultural legacy.

OPPO will also release a coffee table book during the national month, capturing the essence of these cultural moments.

OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2024

The OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2024 invites photography enthusiasts to capture the essence of local culture. Participants can submit their work for a chance to win up to USD $24,000 across nine categories, including Landscape, Portrait, and Travel. The competition is open until July 28, 2024. For more information, visit the official event website here.

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