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Jom ke ArtsFAS! Catch a variety of 142 local arts and cultural shows from now till Dec 2023

Yayasan Hasanah and MOF award RM4.5mn in grants to Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) 2023, the largest grant programme for Malaysia's arts, heritage, and culture (AHC) scene.

By Culture Editor

Photos courtesy of Yayasan Hasanah

Now showing near you: the festive season of Malaysia’s arts, heritage, and culture returns! Today marked the launch of Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) 2023, kicking off 142 exciting arts and cultural shows that will treat Malaysians to a series of music, festivals, theatre, visual arts, crafts, dance, and oral tradition events from now until December 2023. This year, ArtsFAS 2023 - powered by Yayasan Hasanah in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) – awards a total grant funding of close to RM4.5mn to local arts, heritage, and culture (AHC) practitioners towards sustainable AHC preservation through activation, via events accessible to the public. 

From now until December 2023, all Malaysians are invited to a spectacular variety of 142 arts and cultural shows organised by 39 ArtsFAS partners around the country, among which also features Chinese festive drums, Wayang Kulit, Bangsawan theatre, classical Indian dance, traditional Wau festival, Sarawak heritage cuisines, Chinese Peranakan festival, Chetti food culture, and many more. 

Today, ArtsFAS by Yayasan Hasanah in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance stands as the largest annual grant programme in the country for Malaysia’s Arts, Heritage, and Culture (AHC). Since its inception in 2021, ArtsFAS has provided RM10.2 million in grants through the 333 arts, heritage, and cultural events it has supported, creating economic opportunities for over 7,500 individuals in the creative sector. 

"In just three years, the ArtsFAS grant has increased tenfold, a remarkable achievement made possible by the unwavering support of the Ministry of Finance. This partnership has empowered ArtsFAS partners to expand their outreach, creating more employment opportunities and reaching wider audiences. Yayasan Hasanah takes immense pride in being a key partner for Malaysia’s diverse arts, heritage, and culture practitioners. We are excited to power more initiatives in the scene, preserving our cultural identity together, while contributing to the sector's sustainable economic growth." 

In conjunction with ArtsFAS, Yayasan Hasanah is launching the nationwide #SeniKitaKitaPunya movement, celebrating our rich arts and cultural diversity (SENI KITA) and fostering a sense of pride in our heritage (KITA PUNYA). We invite all Malaysians to participate in the #SeniKitaKitaPunya movement and experience 142 thrilling arts and cultural shows supported by ArtsFAS from now until December 2023. Jom Ke ArtsFAS! Visit artsfas.org now to find shows near you. 


Today, with the proliferation of social media creating new cultural narratives amongst our younger generation, it feels that we are more and more disconnected with our very own cultural heritage. Cultural assets are perceived as not more than passive artefacts in a museum, mere decorations for special occasions, or reserved luxuries for the privileged few. We are at risk of losing not just our cultural heritage but also a part of our very identity as Malaysians that weaves us all together.” 

Recognising this gap, Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) offers an accessible scene for local arts & cultural events, where the arts are truly for all – across all generations and layers of society. Inclusivity is key in ensuring our heritage lives on; both in championing diversity in the art forms and communities we empower, while ensuring everyone from all walks of life has access to enjoy the arts. 

Dato’ Shahira Ahmed Bazari, Trustee and Managing Director of Yayasan Hasanah

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