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John Wick is a Modern Masterpiece of Masculine Men

The John Wick film series is a powerful piece of art in the cultural war.

Article contribution by Subetei Gar

A big hit in theatres, John Wick Chapter 2 continues the story of John Wick’s artistic world of assassins, underground organizations, and deliciously action packed plot line.

While most of you enjoy what looks to become a high grossing film trilogy for little more than its artistic and entertainment excellence, there is a deeper message for gentleman that beautifully eludes the consciousness of most viewers as well as the leftist Hollywood establishment.

An in-depth analysis of the John Wick series can easily span an entire literary thesis numbering in the hundreds of pages. So without further adieu, here is a brief and condensed analysis of the ways in which the John Wick film series unabashedly conveys notions of masculine men.

The Alpha Male protagonist

John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, is not presented to us as some pretty boy wearing "seluar senteng" sock-less shoes posing #ootd on Instagram that serves the sexual and emotional interests of gay boys or faggots. No, the directors present to us a man of good stature, fit, somewhat to the leaner side, and with a half Asiatic face of limited expressions, sporting full facial hair.

He is devilishly skilled in anything to do with violence and little else, and has a passion for classic muscle cars. John Wick is not a play boy, and the directors made sure to show that neither is he a man that attracts ample sexual attention from females – not because he is unattractive to them, but because every female character he chances upon in the films read loud and clear that he is not interested in catering to their whims or sexual needs, and that pursuing him would be a futile endeavor.

He is a man of “focus, commitment, and sheer will” who puts his goals ahead of everything else. He is not interested in spiking women’s emotions in order to con them into bed, and he is most certainly not interested in dancing around like a monkey to capture anyone’s attention.

Even the choice of Keanu Reeves as the actor, a man with a complicated personal life in the real world and a man gifted with an extra dose of genetic masculinity selection, speaks volumes about the direction of this film series from the get go. The director screams at us quite succinctly: John Wick is not a sexy hero. He is the silver backed gorilla that will fuck you up if you get in his way.

Dominance is the way of men

Without elaborating too much, I think this point is self-explanatory for anyone that has seen so much as even the promos for the movies. The film series is clearly of the action genre, and violence is deliciously scattered across the very fabric of its plotlines.

What is interesting to note is that the dominance is not portrayed horrifically, but rather artistically and, dare I say, beautifully. We almost get the feeling that the directors wish for us to nod our heads in agreement by the end of the movies and say, “yeah, dominance seems like a nice and clean way of dealing with your problems”.

The nature of men is violent. Morality is indifferent towards the existence of violence, and moral questions revolve around the correct or incorrect usage of violence, not the existence of violence itself. This point smacks directly in the faces of beta pacifists that derived their morality from quinoa.

Walk, talk, and DRESS like a Man

Try to find a meaningful character in the film series that is not dressed impeccably – be it casual or formal – and I’ll take my hat off to you. The world of Wick is not subject to the same degeneracy in the realms of fashion and art as is our world. As a result, the presentation of a man organically becomes masculine.

From Wick himself to the various antagonists, a suit jacket and tapered pants are the bare minimum of what is expected. Heck, even the scores of henchmen Wick dispatches are seen wearing full suits with balaclavas. The message is clear: kill in style, and die in style.

Women are inferior to Men in masculine aspect

One of the most notable features of the film series is the position of women in the hierarchy of both power and competence. Yes, there are female assassins, but this is merely a tasteful nod to the notion of equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

Aside from the female assassins, all other female roles are relegated to clerical (accounts payable) or sexual entertainment (Circle Nightclub), signifying their insignificance in the affairs of men.

Why you should watch John Wick movies

A culture is defined not only by its customs and laws, but also by its art and how its art appeals to its people. Civilization was never defined by an Orwellian, legalistic society, but rather the general zeitgeist of its people when it comes to the abstract appreciation of the world.

The John Wick film series is a powerful piece of art in the cultural war. It exists among notable beacons of true artistic excellence in a society where vomit on a canvas is considered high painting, and 90lb women beating up Russian wrestlers is considered empowering. Everyone who has swayed from their male masculinity should watch the two movies.

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