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7 shows like 'Gossip Girl' to watch next

Finished scheming with Blair and Chuck Bass? Don't fret, gents. GC curates the ultimate list of 7 TV shows to binge after Gossip Girl.

By Culture Editor

'Maxton Hall' is Amazon Prime Video’s latest hit on the block, grabbing the attention of elite aficionados. (Photo courtesy of Prime Video)


Ah, "Gossip Girl." A show that chronicled the glamorous (and often scandalous) lives of Manhattan's elite. You, dear reader, no doubt enjoyed the gait, the social climbing, and the addictive "who-said-what-to-whom" drama. But perhaps you're craving something a touch of more substantial drama for your next Netflix binge.

From teen drama mysteries to fashion-forward careers, find your next guilty pleasure (or one for the ladies in your life) right here. Dive into our recommendations and discover your next favorite show!


1. Hierarchy

Where to watch: Netflix

Here's the thing: Hierarchy takes those core elements of status, power plays, and societal climbing, and injects them with a hefty dose of, well, masculinity.

Instead of navigating the corridors of Constance Billard, Hierarchy places you amidst the ruthless world of the elite Korean boarding schools (Noblesse Oblige..hmmm...sounds familiar?). Think less Blair Waldorf's headbands and more ruthless ambition, played out in a setting steeped in tradition. The series explores themes of legacy, fraternal bonds, and the lengths to which people will go to secure their place at the top of the social pyramid.

Here's why Hierarchy is the perfect follow-up to Gossip Girl:

  1. Intrigue with a Heavier Dose of Strategy: While Gossip Girl thrived on social gossip and fleeting alliances, Hierarchy dives deeper. It explores the complex strategies employed by these young men to not only survive but conquer the rigorous academic and social landscape of their school.

  2. Refined Dialogue and Wit: Trading in Gossip Girl's signature brand of teen slang for sharper, more nuanced dialogue, Hierarchy caters to a more mature audience. The characters engage in intellectual sparring, wielding words as weapons in their quest for dominance.

  3. A World Steeped in Tradition: Forget the fleeting trends of the Upper East Side. Hierarchy transports you to a world steeped in history and ritual. The series explores the concept of legacy, the burden of expectation, and the pressure to uphold a long-standing tradition.


2. Maxton Hall

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

If you're looking for a show that offers a deeper look into the world of young men striving for excellence, "Maxton Hall" might be the perfect follow-up to "Gossip Girl." Trade the designer handbags for rugby matches and the scheming for heartfelt conversations, and you'll find yourself immersed in a world that refines the concept of a true gentleman.

Here's why a gentleman who enjoyed "Gossip Girl" should consider adding "Maxton Hall" to his watchlist:

1. Beyond the Superficial: "Gossip Girl" thrives on the glamour and backstabbing of the wealthy elite. "Maxton Hall" offers a more nuanced look at young men grappling with issues of identity, friendship, and social standing. It's a coming-of-age story that explores the complexities of masculinity and the pressures that come with tradition.

2. Lessons in Decorum: While "Gossip Girl" revels in outrageous fashion choices and social faux pas, "Maxton Hall" offers a subtle education in etiquette and social graces. Witness how these young men navigate the formal world of galas, afternoon teas, and social gatherings – a valuable addition to any gentleman's repertoire.

3. A Touch of Romance (the Gentlemanly Kind): "Gossip Girl" had its fair share of romantic entanglements, often messy and dramatic. "Maxton Hall" explores a more traditional form of courtship, where chivalry and respect take center stage.


3. Dynasty

Where to watch: Netflix

If you're looking for a show that combines the scheming world of Gossip Girl with the over-the-top drama of a classic soap opera, Dynasty is your next Netflix obsession. Here's why Dynasty on Netflix is your next binge-watch:

1. Business with a Side of Brutality: Gossip Girl was all about social climbing, but Dynasty dives deeper. The Carringtons are titans of industry, and their boardroom battles are as ruthless as they are thrilling. Prepare for backstabbing, power plays, and million-dollar deals – it's a masterclass in the high-stakes world of corporate gladiators.

2. The Family that Feuds Together... Remember the scheming of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf? Dynasty takes family drama to a whole new level. Betrayals, rivalries, and alliances shift like sand dunes in the Carrington household. It's a constant game of one-upmanship, but hey, it sure makes for addictive television.

3. The Men Are More Than Just Eye Candy: Sure, the cast of Dynasty is easy on the eyes, but these guys are more than just pretty faces. They're shrewd businessmen, cunning strategists, and yes, some are even charming rogues. They add a layer of complexity that keeps the story interesting.


4. Young Royals

Where to watch: Netflix

What if you crave a new kind of drama, one that trades designer handbags for royal protocol? That's where "Young Royals" on Netflix swoops in.

Here's why you should consider "Young Royals" your next streaming conquest:

  • Intrigue Beyond the Headlines: Just like Gossip Girl, "Young Royals" delves into a world of hidden desires and forbidden relationships. But instead of Upper East Side socialites, we meet Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, navigating the pressures of royalty and a secret love affair.

  • A Broader Perspective: "Gossip Girl" offered a glimpse into a very specific social class. "Young Royals" broadens the scope. You'll witness the struggles and responsibilities that come with being royalty, a fascinating contrast to the world of privilege we saw in Gossip Girl.

  • A Touch of Elegance: Trading the flashy materialism of Gossip Girl, "Young Royals" offers a more understated elegance. The Swedish setting and royal backdrop create a visually stunning and sophisticated atmosphere.

Don't be fooled, gent. "Young Royals" isn't just a teen drama. It's a show that explores themes of identity, duty, and the complexities of love, all wrapped in a beautifully shot and captivating story. So, after the final reveal of Gossip Girl's identity, settle in for a new kind of drama – one fit for a gentleman seeking intrigue and a touch of royal flair.


5. Elite

Where to watch: Netflix

If you're seeking a show that blends suspense, social commentary, and a touch of European sophistication, Elite is the perfect follow-up to Gossip Girl.

Think of it as Gossip Girl's brooding European cousin. Here's why Elite deserves a spot on your viewing queue:

  • Intrigue with a Social Conscience: Elite throws us into the opulent world of Las Encinas, an exclusive private school in Spain. But beneath the designer labels and lavish parties lies a simmering tension. Working-class scholarship students clash with their wealthy counterparts, exposing the stark realities of social inequality. Prepare for a show that tackles themes of class warfare, identity, and the true cost of ambition – all wrapped in a captivating mystery.

  • More Than Just High School Drama: Yes, there's romance, betrayal, and steamy secrets aplenty. But Elite delves deeper, exploring complex themes of family dysfunction, grief, and the fight for justice. It's a show that will keep you guessing and pondering long after the credits roll.

  • A Touch of European Flair: Move over, Waldorf Astoria. Elite's opulent Spanish settings offer a refreshing change of scenery. Imagine cobblestoned streets, sprawling estates, and the allure of a culture steeped in history.


6. Class

Where to watch: Netflix

"Class" is the Indian adaptation of "Elite" on Netflix. It's a thought-provoking series that complements the world of "Gossip Girl" by offering a more nuanced perspective on wealth, privilege, and social responsibility.

Here's why a gentleman like yourself should consider "Class":

  • A Broader Social Canvas: "Gossip Girl" offered a glimpse into the lives of the obscenely wealthy. "Class," however, expands the scope. You'll see the stark contrast between Delhi's elite students and their underprivileged counterparts. It's a thought-provoking exploration of social hierarchy, prompting reflection on privilege and responsibility.

  • Chivalry Gets a Modern Update: "Gossip Girl" had its fair share of questionable behavior. "Class" offers a chance to see chivalry reimagined for the modern age. The male characters navigate complex relationships with respect and empathy, a quality a true gentleman embodies.

  • Beyond the Superficial: Let's be honest, sometimes "Gossip Girl" felt a tad...superficial. "Class" offers more. It explores themes of ambition, class struggle, and the pursuit of dreams. It prompts you to think about the world beyond the gilded cage.


7. 'You' Season 4

Where to watch: Netflix

You no doubt enjoyed the fashion, the social climbing, and the addictive "who-said-what-to-whom" drama. But perhaps you're craving something a touch... darker for your next Netflix binge.

Enter "You," the psychological thriller starring Penn Badgley, our very own Dan Humphrey from "Gossip Girl." Here's why "You" Season 4 should be your next move:

  • A Familiar Face: Seeing Badgley transition from the charming (if slightly brooding) Dan to the obsessive Joe Goldberg is a fascinating watch. It showcases his acting range and adds a layer of intrigue for "Gossip Girl" fans.

  • A Different kind of Thrill: The constant scheming and backstabbing of "Gossip Girl" is undeniably entertaining. But "You" offers a different kind of thrill. It's a slow burn, building suspense as Joe's obsessions take hold.

  • Conversation Starter: Let's face it, gentlemen, sometimes the best shows are the ones that spark lively discussions. "You" is guaranteed to do just that. Be prepared to delve into the ethics of Joe's actions, analyze the characters, and dissect the psychological underpinnings of the story.

So, if you're looking for a show that goes beyond the glossy world of "Gossip Girl" and explores the darker corners of human desire, "You" Season 4 is the perfect follow-up. Just remember, dear reader, this is strictly for entertainment purposes. We wouldn't want to encourage any... unsavory behavior inspired by Mr. Goldberg.

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