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5 Shows Like ‘The Crown’ to Watch

By Culture Editor

If you’ve already made it through Season 4 and are looking for more of The Crown, you’re in luck — there’s another season coming up. Creator Peter Morgan decided this summer to add one final season to the show. But before you get too excited, just note that Season 5 won’t premiere until sometime in 2022. What will we possibly watch for the next two years? We’ve got a few ideas.

Check out our list of The Crown inspired shows to stream next.

Picture from left to right: Victoria, The Last Czars, The Royals, The Windsors, The Royal House of Windsor

5. Victoria

This historical drama from PBS spotlights the British monarchy, and choose Queen Victoria as its subject. Played by Jenna Coleman, the young queen rises to power at just age 18 after the 1837 death of King WIlliam IV. With the help of prime minister Lord Melbourne and the comfort of her husband, Prince Albert, by her side, Victoria settles into her role as leader. 

Stream: amazon


4. The Last Czars

'The Last Czars' follows the life of Russia’s Czar Nicholas II, the last emperor of the Romanov Dynasty. The docudrama chronicles the ruler’s rise to power in 1894 all the way to his execution in 1918, making room for plenty of drama and intriguing scenes between the show’s history lessons. 

Stream: netflix

3. The Royals

2015’s 'The Royals' creates its own fictitious family, with Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and King Simon (Vincent Regan) leading London. The series, which marked E!’s first scripted drama, presents a royal family that’s plagued by scandal after scandal, thanks to party girl Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and her playboy brother, Prince Liam (William Moseley). 

Stream: www.amazon


2. The Windsors

The 2017 parody show starring Hugh Skinner, Louise Ford, Harry Enfield and Morgana Robinson gives the royals the soap opera treatment, turning Prince William, Duchess Kate and more into caricatures of themselves. If you’re looking for a lighter take on royal life after The Crown, we suggest you queue up 'The Windsors' and have a laugh next. 

Stream: netflix


1. The Royal House of Windsor

Unlike The Crown, Netflix’s 'The Royal House of Windsor' is a documentary series about the royal family. Using the castle’s royal archives, plus research and interviews with experts and insiders, The Royal House of Windsor paints a picture of the famous British family and how they’ve survived over the decades, beginning with World War I. 

Stream: netflix

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