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‘The Gentlemen' is coming on Netflix

Guy Ritchie is back with British Crime drama series, The Gentlemen, set to stream on Netflix.

By Culture Editor

Picture: Theo James / Netflix's "The Gentlemen"


The recent Netflix first trailer for the TV adaptation of Guy Ritchie's revered British Crime movie, "The Gentleman," is a captivating and intriguing glimpse into the world of high-stakes crime and the art of being a gentleman.

The trailer begins with a stylish and effortlessly suave atmosphere, immediately drawing viewers into the sophisticated underbelly of London's criminal elite. The visuals are beautifully crafted, showcasing the gritty yet elegant aesthetic that Ritchie is known for. The trailer features a stellar cast, including charismatic and accomplished actor Theo James, which further contributes to the appeal of the show.

The narrative of "The Gentleman" revolves around the allure and honor associated with being a gentleman, even in the midst of criminal activities. The story follows the lives of morally ambiguous characters who navigate through a complex web of power, deceit, and loyalty. The trailer hints at intense action sequences, clever dialogue, and unpredictable twists, providing a promising and captivating storyline.

The world of The Gentlemen is a little bit of me. We’re looking forward to bringing fans back into that world, introducing new characters and their stories, and I am excited to be doing it with this extremely talented cast.

Guy Ritchie

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Why should a gentleman watch it?

1. Class and Style: "The Gentleman" exudes sophistication and style, offering a visually stunning portrayal of the world of organized crime. Gentlemen who appreciate meticulous attention to detail, impeccable fashion, and refined aesthetics will find the show visually pleasing.

2. Intricate Character Dynamics: The series explores the intricacies of various characters and their relationships with each other. A gentleman interested in complex character developments, shifting loyalties, and morally ambiguous narratives will be enthralled by the intricately woven storylines.

3. Empathy for Anti-Heroes: "The Gentleman" often features flawed protagonists who operate in morally gray areas. The show offers an opportunity for a gentleman to explore and empathize with characters who possess both virtuous qualities and questionable ethics.

4. Intelligent and Witty Dialogue: Known for his sharp and clever dialogue, Guy Ritchie infuses the show with smart and humorous banter. A gentleman with an appreciation for well-crafted conversations and quick-witted exchanges will find the dialogue engaging and entertaining.

WATCH The trailer for Guy Ritchie’s new series The Gentlemen below.


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