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Is a Gentleman Akin to Being an Elitist?

Some folks might scoff and mutter something about "elitist jerks." Is chivalry really dead, or is there a way to be a decent human without sounding like you belong in a period drama?

By Tunku Sophia

Picture: Sartoria Rossi

Have you heard the whispers? Being a gentleman, some folks say, is just another way for rich snobs to feel superior. Is there any truth to this, or is chivalry alive and well for everyone, regardless of your status?

The Gentleman Stereotype: From White Steeds to White Privilege?

The image that pops into some heads when you say "gentleman" might be a dude in a tuxedo, playing polo and looking down his nose at everyone else. This whole "royalty and aristocracy" vibe can feel outdated and, frankly, a little snobby. Being polite doesn't require a famous surname, trust fund or a family crest on your cufflinks.

Chivalry Ain't Dead, It Just Evolved:

Here's the truth: the core principles of being a gentleman – respect, kindness, and integrity – are timeless. Think of it like manners. Just because you did not graduated at Eton wouldn't mean you're a not a gentleman, right? Similarly, chivalry can adapt to the modern world. Holding the door for someone isn't about treating them like royalty; it's about basic courtesy.

Picture: Sartoria Rossi

Calling Out the Real Elitists:

The real problem isn't chivalry itself, but people who use it as a mask for elitism. They throw around fancy words and exclusive lifestyle rules to make themselves feel superior. Being a gentleman isn't about one-upping others or proving your social standing. It's about genuine respect and consideration for everyone, regardless of background.

So, How Can You Be a Gentleman (Without Being a Jerk)?

Here's the good news: anyone can be a gentleman. It's not about fancy clothes or expensive dinners. Here are some real-life tips:

  • The Power of "Please" and "Thank You": These magic words never go out of style. They show appreciation and respect for others.

  • Listen Up: In our fast-paced world, giving someone your undivided attention is a true act of courtesy. Put down your phone and truly listen to what someone has to say.

  • The Art of Conversation: Ask questions, be genuinely interested in others, and don't dominate the conversation. Let others have their say!

  • Respectful Disagreement: Disagreements happen, but you can disagree without being rude. Focus on the issue, not personal attacks.

  • Be a Good Sport: Win or lose, congratulate others and take responsibility for your own actions.

The Gentleman's Legacy

In a world that often seems harsh and impersonal, being a gentleman is a breath of fresh air. It's about creating positive interactions, making the world a little brighter for those around you, and setting a good example for others. It's a legacy anyone can aspire to, regardless of their background. So, ditch the elitist stereotypes and embrace the true meaning of being a gentleman. The world needs more gentleness and a whole lot less snobbery. Let's make chivalry cool again, one act of courtesy at a time.

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