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Five Reasons Why Women Like Bad Boys

Bad-boys finish first..

By Culture Editor

Picture: Ed Westwick (courtesy from Credit: BBC / Fudge Park)

The first thing to state is that although the saying goes, ‘bad boys finish first’, what that really means is women find bad boys attractive. Think of Tony Montana, Chuck Bass or Christian Grey. Do these gents look like a nice guy to you?

It is instinctual, a chemical reaction, it’s short term. Wild, dangerous, mysterious or unavailable; whatever way it manifests itself, bad boys are intriguing and inviting.

Here are the top five reasons:-

  1. Women love the chase just as much as men

The thrill of the chase is normally an association reserved for men, but in actuality, a lot of women enjoy the chase just as much. The game playing can get very tedious but if a bad boy plays it right, the chase can entice women in like no other. So why is it so attractive? Well, in short, mystery is sexy. A man who we cannot figure out straight away is frustratingly enticing. If he acts like he doesn’t care, we hope even more that he does. If he is unavailable, we wonder why. It’s sick and completely twisted but in many cases unfortunately true.

  1. Brings out the side we never knew we had

A lot of bad boys have a wild and uncontrollable streak and being with them might throw up some exciting adventures. Even the safest of women want the unpredictability associated with the bad boys.

  1. Bad boys are perceived as attractive in the media

We don’t know whether this is life imitating art or the other way around but the stereotypical bad boy is all over our screens and in our music (James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, or Faizal Hussein in Gila-Gila Remaja). The phenomenon exists just about everywhere in our culture and though it is not directly shown in a positive light, the undertones are that these men are good looking and desirable. Without knowing it, this seeps into our consciousness, and it’s the same for men too.

  1. It can all start with a look

Studies have shown that women are more attracted to “proud” or “angry” expressions, rather than smiley ones. This might seen strange but it again plays into the intrigue. On top of that, the leather jacket associated with bad boys are irresistible to women. We have to know more.

  1. Women want to be the one that can ‘change him’

Women want to believe that inside every bad boy is a good guy just waiting to be unleashed. All it needs is the right woman, one who he adores so much, his bad boys ways just aren’t worth it anymore. In actuality, this idea that a woman can reform a bad boy very rarely works out. He will change when he wants to change.


Last, and perhaps most importantly, to note, is that although might be enticing in the short term, a gentleman always prevail. Once women realise that there is not much else going on underneath, smart, interesting and sophisticated men win every time.

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