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Be a Superhero in Your Community

Your community need more gentlemen. And it could catapult you as a superhero.

By Culture Editor

A superhero is defined as a benevolent fictional character with extraordinary superhuman powers. Superhuman is defined as having exceptional ability or powers. Fighting against 'evil', they had the moral principle to protect the weak. Having said that, there is a sensible way for us to be a gentleman - a real life superheros with noble intent.

When people are in trouble do they come to you for assistance? Are you seen as a thought leader among your fellow men when they are asking how to dress well, how to be successful with opposite sex, or how to get things done? Or do you practice your one and only superpower—invisibility, the ability to disappear at will when any crisis arises, and take credit that is not yours?

If you want to be a modern-day superhero, here are our top 10 picks:

1. Donate blood

2. Find a cause you’re passionate about and organize on its behalf

3. Donate to a charity

4. Provide mentoring to someone in need of what you know - be it toastmaster, dining etiquette, style, dating advice, fitness, grooming

5. Donate unwanted clothing, jewelry, media, books and home-ware to charity shops

6. Sponsor a youth sports team

7. Working on conservation projects

8. Start a local feeding program for the homeless

9. Start a local animal feeding program at Zoo Negara

10. Serve the elderly

You can be as creative as you want. Just take action. There is more opportunity to serve within your neighborhood of your home than you ever thought possible.

Here are only some of the benefits to serving others:

  1. Being recognized as a leader within your neighborhood and community

  2. Connecting with cool people leading to a larger social network

  3. Developing a sense of purpose beyond the ego leading to a smaller ‘I.’

  4. Expanding your heart leading to more inner peace and inner joy

  5. Increasing your capacity to serve leading to more energy and power

  6. Developing and honing your superpowers leading to mastery

Our challenge to you is to do something to serve your community. Find a form of service that resonates with who you are and try it out for a month. If after a month of serving a child, homeless person, aspiring entrepreneur, or whatever and you realize it was a huge waste of time, then quit.

At the end of the day, when you turned into bones and dust, it is your deeds and legacy that count, not your popularity, net worth, or social status.