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Leading Malaysian Apparel Brand Jovian Partners with Anchanto, Goes Through an E - commerce Growth Surge

This strategic move led to remarkable results, with Jovian achieving a staggering growth of over 1,300% in sales revenue.

By Business Editor

Established in 2007 by Jovian Mandagie, Jovian Apparel has redefined the fashion landscape in Malaysia with its apparel line and lifestyle products.  By building their online marketplace presence with e-commerce platform Shopify, Jovian further leveraged the potential of online retail by expanding their revenue streams into marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora. While the realm of e-commerce can be profitable, managing separate inventories for each platform could hinder digital growth.

As such, to address inventory-related barriers and operational challenges, Jovian sought a comprehensive integrated solution to manage multichannel sales and backend warehouse operations. Recognizing the need for robust technological support, the company implemented Anchanto’s Warehouse Management solution to target obstacles such as low inventory and operations visibility. These are factors which can make locating products and stock keeping unit (SKUs) in warehouses time-consuming, leading to operational inefficiencies.  

The strategic partnership with Anchanto gave rise to an impressive transformation in Jovian’s e-commerce operations and the firm achieved a growth of over 1,300% in sales revenue.

With Anchanto’s centralized software solution, we were able to quickly identify and tackle common issues before facing any major complications. Our processes are now more efficient, which has helped us maintain a systematic backend where everything is more stable, organized, and well taken care of. We can see all our inventory centrally and can delegate stocks to all our main (e-commerce) domains. This prevents us from overselling and allows us to achieve a 24-hour delivery rate for more than 95% of Jovian’s orders

Jovian Mandagie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jovian

With over 120 customer-facing employees of various nationalities across 11 different countries, we have the global exposure, diversity, and inputs to provide world-class, global, and powerful solutions for retail enterprises and big-scale brands. This is what enables us to assist companies like Jovian with scalable solutions.

Vaibhav Dabhade, Anchanto Co-Founder and CEO

Given the fragmented nature of e-commerce, Anchanto aims to bridge the industry gaps with centralized inventory management, automations and enhanced processes which will help boost overall business performance.

As the company continues its growth strategy, Jovian is pursuing technological advancements to go beyond business limitations, streamline multichannel selling, and encourage exponential growth. Going forward, Jovian aims to achieve same-day deliveries and further strengthen its position as a leading e-commerce platform in Malaysia. With the support of Anchanto's global and scalable technology, Jovian is confident in realizing its vision and driving continuous growth in their e-commerce business.

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