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Bell & Ross launches the new BR-X5 at Continuum of Time & Space

Bell & Ross presents the BR-X5 within the settings of space-time at the Exchange 106 Kuala Lumpur.

Einstein established that space and time are intertwined in a single continuum aptly known as space-time. At the recent BR-XS launch, Bell & Ross transcended in between space and time and explored its dimensions to ring in its version of space-time.

While time travel may be something that we have only seen in sci-fi films, Bell & Ross brought the future to the now and allowed guests to experience its latest advanced time instrument — the BR-XS within the space-time dimensions.



Bell & Ross Plays Up the Five Senses Within Its Space-time Dimensions

Upon arrival at the Iobby, guests were greeted by a conceptual Artificial Intelligence (AI) character, welcoming each guest to step into the first dimension by taking the elevator to Level 57 of The Exchange 106, an all-new supertall skyscraper that provided the perfect location setting for the launch.


Upon landing, guests could immediately distinguish that they had arrived in the first dimension due to the consistency of a certain lingering scent. The area is plain but nothing short of wow, as the area is washed out naturally with the setting of the sun. The giant BR-XS florescent light set against the beautiful skyline immediately stood out providing a photo-opportunity for marvelling guests.




At the second dimension, guests were drawn into a sea of optical illusions, almost walking into infinity amidst a mirror maze, amongst other mind-bending installations, likening the experience to an expedition of self-discovery.




Once through that journey, guests entered the third dimension. While enjoying the picturesque skyline on the 57th floor, they were addressed by the Founders of Bell & Ross, Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo. In the same dimension, the Founders presented the advanced time instruments — the BR-XS; a new design evolution of a Bell & Ross iconic square watch: a superlative BR 05, powered by a manufacture movement developed by Kenissi.




Guests were then yet again inspired in the fourth dimension to find an all-white boutique in the sky. A grand sight to behold, guests were transported into a world of pristine white-on-white where one cannot help but feel complexity within its simplicity. Guests admired the watches up close, served onIy by robotic arms.




At the fifth dimension, guests were ushered back to the beginning at nought point — the first dimension, greeted by the grand XO bar only to be elevated to the fifth dimension at XS point where the place became one big celebratory party. It was in this dimension that guests feasted and succumbed to the deft hands of the bartenders.



Bell & Ross' Own Definition of Time & Space

According to Mr Tong Chee Wei, General Manager of Bell & Ross Asia, the impact of Covid-19 on space and time can be far-reaching extending to the way we define them.

"For Bell & Ross, our signature design codes and inspiration have always been the future and not referenced on history. Also considering the numerous lockdowns due to Covid-19, space and time have become even more precious i.e. often described as the luxury of space and time. The concept of space and the passing of time are irrevocably intertwined; one allows the other to exist in our minds as dimensions that make it possible for us to tangidly consider our presence in the world. Hence, we feel it is onIy timely, we present the BR-X5 within the settings of space-time defined dy Bell & Ross' own dimensions,” said Tong.

"This is the Bell & Ross way of making our guests feel special, that they are understood. Their personal experience when gripped by the pandemic yet coming out with a whole new perspective in viewing time and space; being appreciative by just having the opportunity to experience the luxury of both,” explained Tong.


Bruno Belamich, Uzair Haqimy, Elisya Sandha, Eyka Farhana, Carlos Rosillo, Athina Kamarudin, Luth Mikhail



Maggie Wilson



Mike Ethan



Amarjit Chhina, Datuk Yasmin Yusoff, Tim Connors, Maggie Wilson



Roen Cian, Sean Tham



Afifah Nasir, Mia Nasir



Whulandary Herman



Elfira Loy


It was indeed an iconic celebration and a one-of-a-kind occasion for KL-ites to have both the Founders of Bell & Ross, Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo partying under one roof— not just any roof, but a supertall newcomer that freshly joined Kuala Lumpur's skyline.















About Bell & Ross

The story of Bell & Ross began at the end of the 20“ century. With a dual Franco-Swiss culture, the watchmaking brand has become a benchmark in the world of professional aviation watches. It defied all codes by designing an icon, the BR 0l, inspired by the clocks in the cockpit of an airplane: a circle within a square. Bell & Ross is an international brand that is known and recognised throughout the world and present in over 60 countries, through a selected network of 600 retailers and 20 exclusive boutiques. Bell & Ross instrumental watches are used and approved by professionals of the extreme referring to territories Sky, Land, Sea and Urban. Professionals for whom a watch must not only be a tool to assist them on their missions but also a constant ally. www.bellross.com

Picture: Bell & Ross