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Seeking advice on women with their high pitch tone

The reader complains about women's communication style (harsh tone, disrespect towards men). The reader seeks The Gent opinion on such situations and if you've encountered similar ones.

Picture: Boggi Milano


Question from Mr. A (real name is undisclosed):

Buenos Dias Gents,

Antonio again. I hope you would recall my last email to you in April about my suggestion to consider a Mexican gentleman sport called conquistador in your publication. I did inform you that mexican women (most of them) are only interested in foreigners and many mexican men live a happy life being single and that is a true narrative.

My question to you is, why do women today speak very harshly towards men? They do not only condemn men but they also speak to us with little respect, with a harsh/ high pitch tone. I have families who are married and we would have a family dinner / gathering but their misses speak with a high pitch tone and sometimes they would speak of their husband in a very rude manner in front of everyone like they want to show that they are the leader and they can speak freely without fear.

Let me give you an example, we have a table conversation about fixing the plumbing and then the missus would jump in and say "my husband does not know anything. He does not even know how to do plumbing. I married a boy rather than a man". I find statements like this very disturbing and disrespectful to the husband. This is not a statement that you want to make jokes because I can feel the tense when statements like this are made. I am sure the men would have talked about this but I don't think talking is a solution.

Have you ever encountered such a situation in your native country? I would love to hear your thoughts and story on this.

Muchas Gracias.

Answer by The Gentleman:

Hola Antonio,

Thanks again for reaching out with your thoughts. It's always interesting to hear from readers from all over the world.

You raise a fair point about communication styles, especially when it comes to navigating household tasks. Sometimes those discussions can get a little heated! Perhaps a light-hearted approach could help? Next time a plumbing issue comes up, you could suggest tackling it together as a team. Who knows, you might even learn a new skill from your partner in the process.

When it comes to women's voices, it's important to remember that everyone communicates differently. Pitch isn't always an indicator of respect. Some people naturally have higher-pitched voices, and focusing solely on that aspect can make it harder to hear the actual content of what they're saying. Instead, try to focus on the message itself – are they offering a solution, expressing frustration, or simply sharing their perspective?

On a broader note, strong and healthy relationships are built on mutual respect. If you're finding conversations to be disrespectful, it might be worth having a calm and open discussion with your partner about how you both prefer to communicate. Maybe there's a way to express needs and frustrations in a way that feels more constructive for both of you. Try to get a better timing to discuss this further with your partner.

We appreciate your continued interest in Gentleman's Code. Your suggestion about featuring the "conquistador" tradition is intriguing. Here at the magazine, we're always on the lookout for new content that celebrates the modern gentleman – someone who embodies strength, respect, and a willingness to learn and grow. Keep an eye out for future issues – you never know, you might just see a story that explores the evolution of Mexican masculinity in a way that resonates with our readers!


Best regards,

The Gentleman

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