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Manila reader finds inspiration in GC despite social obstacles

Filipino college teacher finds inspiration in GC, despite social pressures and financial limitations.

Picture: Boggi Milano

Philippines college teacher finds inspiration in GC, despite social pressures and financial limitations.


Question from Ms. A (real name is undisclosed):

Dear Editor, 


You are so galing (great)!

This is a letter of compliments and a little background on where my perspective is coming from. This is a fan letter from Manila.

How I found the Gentleman's Code Magazine

Yesterday, I used google to search for gentleman's magazine with traditional values and modern flare, and found your magazine. I noticed the company is quite new. Just want to send an extra congratulations for such a great company. I wished we also had the same in the Philippines. Should there be challenges in what you are trying to do, I just sent an extra encouragement from a fan. I used to listen to podcast of Art of Charm and Art of Manliness in 2014. I guess that makes it even harder to secure mate as I become learned. There is a boy I like but slowly felt social status matters. Social norms is an issue! But that is another matter. Sometimes I buy related gentlemen education stuff, like the London Socks Club rule book I got from second-hand thrift store. I have long considered to arrnage a small sharing sessions in a tea room of a hotel where I could afford it, but it seems difficult to find peers interested in these from where I came from. Overall, I think developing social skills which extend to things we wear is respect for humanity and how our ancestors worked on for the civilization we have today.

I followed your Facebook and came across Cultural Heritage Couturier of the year, which was sleek. Your articles on the website are more interesting, but I followed your Facebook page anyways. Your network is so interesting. My appreciation is drawn from other companies to compare with such as Discover Asia who visited Manila in 2017 to help with promoting traditional neighborhood at risk in the capital city modernization.

At the moment, our family is not as affluent to prioritize purchasing the brands featured but I still admire the selection with interest for finer things in life. Our neighborhood is real dry industrial concrete, I was able to get a scholarship for architecture in college and really felt bad about my neighborhood. Because I read these and the difference from where I grew up, sometimes it gets lonely not being able to share ideas for this. I am curating the stuff I read and buy and hopefully share it to someone in need of them and can appreciate in our locality.

More compliments

I like that you had sections on chivalry. I graduated with masters degree in development management from the Asian Institute of Management whom many admire for the achievement. As of today, I have not really felt fulfilled that I was able to maximize the skills I learned from the school. I wonder how I can complement this degree and the work you do with such honorable values?

How did the company start? Would love to see an article about the humble beginnings of your company and the challenges you overcame with society's perspectives.

I have been a college teacher for two years now. I am in my early 30s, Filipino-Chinese. Just to add perspective of my origin.

Congratulations again on such nice content and discipline!


Ms. A

Manila, Philippines

Answer by The Gentleman:

Hey there, Ms. A!


Wow, thanks so much for the awesome email! We seriously got a kick out of reading about your journey to Gentleman's Code. Finding a magazine that hits the sweet spot of classic and modern can be tough, so glad we showed up in your Google search!

Double congrats on that Master's degree – that's no small feat! We hear you about wanting to make the most of those skills. The idea of combining your development management background with your love for tradition is super cool. Your spirit remind us of Wonder Woman's Diana Prince. Maybe there's something out there in cultural preservation or neighborhood revitalization that would be a perfect fit?

Speaking of cool ideas, that tea room discussion group sounds awesome! If finding people in Manila who dig the whole "gentlemanly pursuits" thing is tough, have you thought about starting a small online community?

By the way, we hear you loud and clear about the struggle with social status and outdated norms. That's a whole other conversation, but definitely not something we shy away from at Gentleman's Code.

You're right, we are a young company, and like you mentioned, there can definitely be challenges in reviving the concept of a gentleman for the modern world. One of the biggest hurdles is that whole "high-end, elitist" vibe. We want GC to be about class and sophistication for our readers, not prioritizing too much on material and luxurious aspects (although once a while it is okay). Hence, our focus to expand GC articles and contents on chivalry, etiquette, and culture in recent times. That's why we love stories like yours! Finding those hidden gems at thrift stores and organizing tea talks in affordable places – that's what being a gentleman (or gentlewoman) is all about, respecting others and yourself, no matter your background.

In the meantime, we're so pumped to have you as a reader, Abigail. Don't hesitate to reach out anytime you have thoughts, suggestions, or just want to chat – we love hearing from our readers!

Gentlemen's Code has your back! We're thrilled to announce our brand new section on our website: "Ask the Gentleman". Submit your burning questions on all things relationships, culture, style, and etiquette by emailing to: editor@gentlemanscodes.com.

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