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Focus on the benefits of being a single gentleman

A reader suggests the magazine focus more on the benefits of being a single gentleman and cater to the growing trend of men choosing singlehood. He argues that articles should highlight men's achievements without the context of women and challenge the notion that a woman is necessary for a man's success.

Picture: Boggi Milano

Reader suggests the magazine publish more articles on the benefits of being single and cater to the growing preference for singlehood among men. He argues that articles should focus on men's achievements without women and reduce focus on chivalry and impressing women.


Question from Mr. M (real name is undisclosed):

Dear GC folks,

You have such great articles about being classy gentlemen. But I would like to suggest more articles on the benefits of being a single gentleman like lesser photos of a gentleman and a woman, less about articles of how to treat a woman etc. I think the new generation today are leaning towards singlehood rather than being married because women are getting very complicated.

I am pretty sure that not all of your board members of distinguished gentlemen are married and prefer to stay single because of the emotional distress caused by women. I am not taking any credit here but I have treated women with chivalry and kindness but in return she was only in it for dollars and cents. Make use of me to give her a luxurious life. I am never married but I have had some disastrous relationships and now I have found solace in singlehood.

Since your publication is heavily skewed towards masculinity, I think we should reduce writing articles mentioning women and focus on men who can accomplish things without the help of a woman. Because each time when you mention a woman in your article, it gives the impression that being a gentleman requires a lady. They always say behind every man's success is a woman. It's time to change that notion.

Answer by The Gentleman:

Hey there, Mr. M!

Thank you for your email and your continued support of GC. We appreciate your feedback on our content and your perspective on the modern gentleman.

While we understand your desire for more content focused on single men and the benefits of singlehood, GC strives to maintain a well-rounded approach to masculinity. This includes articles on navigating relationships with respect and chivalry, as well as celebrating the achievements of men independent of romantic partnerships.

It's true that the societal landscape is changing, and the single gentleman is becoming increasingly common. However, we believe that the core principles of being a gentleman remain relevant regardless of relationship status. Carrying oneself with class and treating others with respect are fundamental values that apply to all aspects of life.

We recognize your personal experiences and the challenges you've faced in past relationships. While unfortunate, these experiences shouldn't define the entirety of women or the potential for positive, fulfilling partnerships.

GC will continue to explore various aspects of masculinity, including content specifically geared towards single men. We believe there is a valuable space for discussing the joys and challenges of singlehood, personal growth, and self-reliance. However, we also maintain that understanding and interacting with the opposite sex with respect and courtesy remains an important facet of being a well-rounded gentleman.

We encourage you to continue engaging with our content and sharing your thoughts. We value diverse perspectives and believe that by fostering open dialogue, we can create a platform that resonates with all gentlemen, regardless of their relationship status.

Best regards,

The Gentleman

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